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• ETYMOLOGY • (1excessorizing (verb) wearing fashion accessories in a quantity/size that is more than necessary or normal • in doing such – immoderation is key! (2excessoriest (noun) an advocate of excessorizing.

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oh such perfect timing! happy colors, happy summer! :)

available at COLOR ME CONDESA.


Que in music:

Mainit, mainit, mainit, mainit. Sige Na, Tara Na. For those who don’t know yo mainit’s hot.

Documenting one extremely HOOOOOT day in a very weather-inappropriate outfit! Ahahahaha! ;) If it was not for an interview I had to go to earlier that day, I would have not thought of wearing this - not that it aint purrrdy…i abso-friggin-lutely loves it but the weather that day calls for less cloth touching my skin! Haha!

Anywhoo, It’s been almost a year since I wore something corporate-y…oooooh I kinda missed it. ;)

Outfit details: Ray-ban Avaiators. Sheer polo with beaded collar in Blush from the-building-of-not-so-cheap-in-the-land-of-cheap (hehe!). My favorite braided belt from BKK. Forever 21 pants. Chrsitian Siriano for Payless Shoes.

Anyway, how is everyone in the metro dealing with ze heat?

Que in music (again):

Mainit, mainit, mainit, mainit. Sige Na, Tara Na. For those who don’t know yo mainit’s hot.

Those of you who carry a perfume in a too-big-for-your-pouch-bottle inside your all-too-heavy-bag, please say I.



I am so guilty of lugging a big bottle of perfume all because it aint like your usual cologne that you could transfer easily (with minimal spills) in a mini container.

My favorite perfume consumes the whole space of my pouch. Pffffft. :(

So imagine how happy I was when while I was blog-hopping I discovered Travalo

Trava-what?!? Say it with me… |ˈtra-va-lō|. It is a mini atomizer bottle spray where you could transfer your favorite perfume (with a promise of “no spills” to boot)! Ha! Awesome! :) :) :)

I got the pink one for color coordination! Haha. OC much? Kidding! It’s just a way for me to “label” it so that I’d know what perfume to refill it with.

Are you curious how it works? Thought so! :) Allow me to share with you my i-tried-my-very best “how to”… Haha.

Easy peasy:  (1) Remove spray head from your perfume bottle. (2) Place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg. (3) repeatedly pump it up and down to fill. (4) Et viola!

Now my favorite fragrance only consumes space like that of my lipstick. FTW! :) 

Now that is a whole lot of weight off my shoulders! Haha! ;)

More Travalo info here.

This is not a sponsored post. I am just uberly amazed by the product that I had to share it with all of you. :)

love love love the colors of my polish and bib!


sharing random photos of my current colour love to my loves who need some color inspiration.

laters! :)

Here’s what I wore to my new goddaughter’s baptism…


Gotstabe church appropriate - hence the cover-up! hehe. ;)

{ Greater Good x Style Break top. Forever 21 cover-up. }

{ Meg skirt. H&M bow belt. Jeremy Scott x Swatch frame watch. }

{ H&M rings }

{ Carrano wedge }


Because it was so hot that day I had to do away with the cover-up. Summer na summer na talaga! :)

And because I had to walk to and from the gravel parking lot, I saved myself from a possible death by platforms and changed into flats! Ha! Ladies, please bear in mind that your wedges and stones of any size aren’t the best combo! Please! Haha! :) 

{ Aerosole flats }

To end, here’s a blurry photo of my inaanak completely bewildered by what her ninang is doing. ;)

My fashion styling skill and dexterity with cutter came in super handy two weeks ago…

Pressed for time and money, I had to find a dress to wear to my dear friend’s wedding. I thought I hit jackpot when I saw the back of a blush colored one-shoulder flowy dress in one of the stalls in Greenhills. Well, the operative word is thought…coz to my dismay…

Paaaaak! May napakalaking RIBBON sa harap! Shet! Ahahahaha! The ribbon is seriously BIG and uberly disturbing! Maling-mali lang talaga! Haha! ;)

Anyway, since the dress is too pretty and is on the cheap to boot (plus I really do not have any more time to go looking pa) …I couldn’t let go na! So I bought the pretty dress with a hideous ribbon! Hehe. Pero sabi nga nila para-paraan lang yan…armed with a mini cutter, I was able to successfully remove the ribbon! Yehey! :)

Buti na lang meron akong knotted belt in nude na pasok sa “formal” category (na surprisingly parang match made in heaven dun sa dress) that I could use to cinch my waist and cover the spot where the ribbon once was.

Here goes the outcome:

I so love how it turned out! Whoopee! :)


Now on to Skitbooking with my loves…

Scenario: Thinking of an outfit, headphones on…Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow played…


Haha! Oh the various things that inspire a woman’s outfit! :)

What’s your outfit inspiration for today? :)

'twas the first time I tried wearing multiple rings - which surprisingly turned out to be a bad idea! Not that it aint look purdy… I definitely loved how it turned out! Buuuuut I totally forgot that my day consisted of a lot of waiting which translates to a lot of wiring-while-I-wait time. With yesterday’s experience, I was able to come up with my first ever WIRING TIP (for myself)…


This would probably be the first and last time that I would NOT recommend excessorizing - - - if not, then I shall now be changing my blog’s name. Haha. :)

Excessorized fingers (read: 6 rings per hand. see photo above.) will make it hard for you to twist ‘em beads tightly to your wires. Pffffft! What was I thinking?!?


 colour love: gold + brown + orange + blue  i’m getting a hang of the jewelry-over-garment/necklace-under-collar trend - an instant+fasyon remedy for that missing polo button(s)! haha. ;) • on trend or not i absolutely love stacking my wrist (arm).